WARNING: This sales page will upset a few internet marketers who've been duped and preyed upon by 'fast talking gurus' as this "blackhat" programmer reveals his...

"Completely Automated
That Will Build Your Subscriber List Exponentially By Swiping Subscribers From Any Guru's List,
In Any Niche
Making You Money,
Hand Over Fist..."


  5,290 Fresh Targeted Optins
in just 24 hours!!!

Conventional List Building Methods You Use Are Long Outdated..."

"If You Want To Build A Profitable List, You Need This Ultimate Strategy Before Your Competition Gets Their Hands On It.



Do you see the screen shot above? This is the power of having  the Guru List Siphon system working for you.

With the Guru List Siphon system, you'll learn how you can get a list like that for yourself, even if you're starting from scratch. You'll be able to effortlessly rack up four-and five-figure paydays on demand.

What's even more amazing is that those results were in a niche that I'm totally new to.

With the Guru List Siphon system you'll be living the "Internet lifestyle" that most people dream of living... and you may think that if its this easy to do then, it's too good to be true...but didn't you just see the proof? And that's just the beginning...


The money is in the list say some, others say the money is in the relationship.

I say BULL.

All you need are targeted prospects who are interested in what you are selling and after that it all depends on your product.

But where do you get that traffic from?

To get prospects, you need traffic and there are 2 most common ways that most people get traffic, its either organic which means slaving away at SEO, or paid search which means...

"You Are Getting Killed At Adwords Due To Insane Cost Per Click"

I mean have you looked at the cost per click in almost any competitive niche? They are absolutely insane.

Unlike large companies, affiliates like us simply cannot afford to pay those costs. And even if you want to reduce your CPC then you'll need to keep tweaking your website to conform to that highly snobbish "quality score" which I'm sure nobody other that Google engineers can figure out.



Wow!! is all I can say. I must admit I was skeptical that this would work, but now I'm a believer

I ran the system for 4 days and my list has already gone from 500 subscribers to 3000.

This has got to best investment I've made this year.

Thank you for this amazing product

- Debbie Wilson


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Some people advice getting into joint ventures, but I mean yeah its fine in concept.

How many of these so called joint venture experts or brokers have personally created a successful joint venture with a person just starting out in internet marketing.

Have you followed their advice and used some "proven email" suggested by them to contact a Guru for a JV and found that....


"These Arrogant Gurus Won't JV With YOU, Heck They Don't Even Have The Common Courtesy To Reply Back..."

Believe me I've gone down that path in 2004, when I was 2 years into internet marketing and had 4 products in the market and I was told to contact the "Gurus" for a JV and then that way I'd get to build my list.

The guy who advised me was all gung ho about joint ventures and so I mailed a few Gurus, and that too at the personal email addresses that are not public knowledge, so I knew for a fact that they would be reading my mail.

Most never even replied back, I mean here I was a semi established internet marketer and not a newbie and yet they didn't have the common courtesy to reply back.

Those that did reply wanted my "review" copy but didn't want to help me promote my products...4 successful products under my belt and yet no JV's...can you beat that?

Well, I've never forgotten that day... and this time when I saw the potential the Guru List Siphon system had, I felt  "what goes around comes around.."


"Time To Bitch Slap Some Gurus...It's Payback Time..."


My first thought when I finished reading the training material was "Oh my god this guy is insane to give this info away so cheap"

This software is like giving the average marketer the power of a god!

Take this off the market now and stop giving away this best kept secret.

- Robert

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In fact I discovered this system accidentally and it was a Guru who's mailing led me to this discovery. Its pretty ironic isnt it.

This Guru sent me a mailing sending me to one web 2.0 site that made think WOW this is a gold mine and im going to rip it apart.

So I locked myself in my office for 3 days straight and wrote a software to automate the process. It was a rough draft, but when I got the optins in the above graph just by just testing the application, I knew this was a goldmine.

Now I have polished and tested the crap out of this software and documented the method I follow in a simple to understand manner.

So without much ado...

Presenting the Guru List Siphon



Guru List Siphon is your list builder on autopilot. Now what insane amounts of money you make from the list is entirely your business ;)

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So What Can You Do With A Gurus List?

  • Imagine if you suddenly had to deal with a medical emergency and your insurance didn't cover it. You send out a quick email promotion, and make more than enough money to cover the bills and still have a little left over.

  • Imagine being able to send out an email, and make enough money to buy that dream car say a Ferrari.

  • Imagine the happiness you'll feel... knowing that you could pay for  that Xbox for your kids birthday by sending out a single email.

  • Stressed out and need a vacation? One email could easily finance your entire holiday.

This is all possible when you have a list of targeted prospects, and that's exactly what I'm going to teach you how to harvest. And the best part? other than the investment you make in the system, you wont have to spend an extra dime.


NO Need To Own Your Own Website
Doesn't that sounds crazy, but yet you can monetize the traffic without having a website
NO Experience Needed
Even a rank newbie can use this system to build his list by following this paint by numbers system
NO Advertising Budget Needed you'll be getting *free* traffic using this stealth, money getting software.
NO Subscriber List needed This system will build you dozens of niche subscriber lists that will have your affiliate network spitting out money at you like a broken down ATM.

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Everyone knows that there are a few basic components to a profitable affiliate marketing business...And traffic is a major one of those.

Without traffic you simply don't have anybody to sell to.

It's simple.

Traffic x Conversions = $$$$$.

Now I know that getting traffic to your site isn't an easy task, especially if its targeted traffic. It's a major obstacle for every internet marketer, and usually you end up overshooting your PPC budget, making hardly enough sales to cover your ppc expenses, let alone make a profit.

Most people end up quitting and then end up getting back to the 9 to 5 grind.

I'm sure you don't want that to be your fate.

In fact I'm practically handing you traffic on a platter. So learn how you can get...


"More Free Traffic Than You'll Ever Need..."


The Guru List Siphon is not just about building lists per se,  It's all about generating free traffic for you. No matter what niche or business you are in, you will always need traffic and there's no way to get around this fact.

What Guru List Siphon allows you to do, is to not have to worry about all the various time-consuming tasks to get traffic, or worry about having a big PPC budget. All you concentrate is on monetization...

Say Goodbye to Adwords And All Other PPC Networks.

I know that's a pretty bold statement, but the truth is there's nothing on the market that does what this system does, and there's nothing that compares to how blazingly fast it is.

Guru List Siphon lets you tap a virtual goldmine of free traffic that just waiting for the taking. While everyone else is competing for the same used up traffic sources, you'll be killin em with little effort on your part sucking tons of free traffic from this new "red hot" profit center.

Imagine Getting Paid Weekly Directly Into Your Bank Account.

Clickbank now pays out it's vendors and affiliates by direct deposit each week

No more waiting for checks to clear...

Imagine that.... you now don't need to spend any money to get traffic , and you get paid every week directly into your bank account. Which means zero risk to you...

Send Mailings That Virtually Let You Print Money.

This system builds you lists from the get go. No more messing around trying to figure it out what works. You will simply be able to make quick recommendations to your list by inserting your affiliate links and you'll be seeing "New sale" notifications all day long.

No list??? No Problemo...

Yup, that won't be a problem anymore, as Guru List Siphon builds niche lists for you...Yes, it automatically will build lists for you. Like I Said before there's nothing like this baby on the market.

It's So Simple My Grandma Can Do this . . .

Forget about SEO, PPC, Press Releases, Articles, or in fact any other form of advertising.

It's dead simple. Want easy to grab, totally free, highly targeted traffic?

Hell yeah!

And this definitely is the most powerful traffic systems available in the market toll date.

There's nothing else out there like this, and even if they manage to replicate the software, its of no use without the system behind the software.

The coolest part of this is that you will get traffic 24/7 without spending  a dime for it.

Guru List Siphon does all the Grunt work for you, but if you still have some queries....

Let Me Answer Your Questions...


Does the Guru List Siphon really work, build my list and make me money?

YES. This software is capable of generating lots of money for you and will add to anyone's bottom line. You can use this tool alone and easily make hundreds of dollars or more a day with free traffic.

How much time will I have to spend at my computer?

Very little, in fact, if you want, start up the software, set the parameters and boom Guru List Siphon will go to work snagging . It's really up to you, but remember it's completely automated, so you don't have to be there while it's doing work for you.

Do I need to spend any more money than what I invest in the system?

No Way José.  This may well be the cheapest way to instantly get tons of free traffic, bulid your list and make money from it. Best of all, you don't need anything else to get started. No hidden expenses, no extra costs of any kind

How easy is this the Guru List Siphon system to use?

This software is so simple and push button easy that even a child could use it. And the cutting edge tactics that also come with the software are very easy to set up and are laid out in a step-by-step fashion. Not to mention, free.



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So what is affiliate marketing? Well in case you didn't know, it's the easiest and fastest way you can make money online. You promote products of other vendors by sending them traffic, kinda like telling a  buddy to check the product out...through your affiliate link.

If you promote digital products like ebooks the commissions are often as high as 75%...

According to the famous marketing analytic company Marketing Sherpa, the affiliate marketing industry is valued at about 6.5 Billion USD. Imagine just making 1% of that!!

So to Make money all you do is...

1. Find a product to promote at any network like clickbank or commission junction

2. Find a Guru whose list you want to swipe and let Guru List Siphon grab that list for you

3. The free traffic that flows in from this gurus list buys the product you recommended and you get paid your affiliate commission

And best of all you can do it anywhere and anytime..


You Could Be Sleeping, Swimming Or Playing Tennis Yet Guru List Siphon Will Still Be Making You Money On Autopilot... 24x7

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A few minutes in the morning working with the Guru List Siphon system at the coffee shop, and the rest of the day is yours to do as you please. Hang out with friends, enjoy spending time with your kids, walk the dog... in fact

Your affiliate business require very little capital...and has almost zero risk.


Don't need to own your own product or have to deal with pesky customers.

Don't need to be an expert at SEO or PPC, since you have the Guru List Siphon working for you...

Don't need a website and Guru List Siphon can send the traffic directly to the advertisers landing page or to your autoresponder

Don't need a red cent on PPC, in fact you don't need to spend a dime on anything as the Guru List Siphon brings youe 100% FREE traffic


You can make gobs of money, hundreds, or even thousands. of dollars from this business

You can do it only part time, and work when you want to. You can keep your job and use the system in your free time or even quit that 9 to 5 grind and do this full time

You can run your affiliate marketing business from anywhere in the world - it doesn't matter where you are. All you need is a computer and an internet connection. You can be running your business from even a blackberry while on a cruise vacation!


What's it worth to have
an automated system that
builds your list, brings in tons of absolutely free  traffic and makes you money at the same time, leaving you hours of free time each day to do the things you love?

Order Now

What would you pay for a system that has the power to set you free?

You could try your hand at pay per click marketing and risk your time, money and even you family life, or you can use the Guru List Siphon
to have all your traffic needs solved at the push of a button.

To be honest I really didn't want to release this system to the general public. But after seeing the number of affiliates falling prey to gurus, I decided that I should sell this system, but only in a limited number of copies as this system can get saturated if a lot of people start using it.

I have spent more than a month perfecting this system and almost $20,000 developing this software with my team.

And this doesn't include the time I spent researching and getting ideas for this system.

OK, you've read the whole sales letter and its time for you to make up your mind now...



Reserve Your Exclusive Spot For The Guru List Siphon Today!

You can grab your exclusive spot to this cash generating software not for the $20,000 it cost to develop but at the insanely low $147 that I'm charging as an introductory pricing.

PPC costs are through the roof and FREE traffic is your only answer

Get Even with those Gurus who have duped you all these years...


Secure payments through Paypal.
Instant Access.

I understand that Guru List Siphon is backed by a rock-solid,
30-day, "No Questions Asked" 100% money-back guarantee.

I've got every reason to say "Yes" to your offer
and would like to download and activate my copy of  Guru List Siphon immediately!



Happy List Swiping,



P.S. Be warned: I reserve the right to limit the amount of copies sold, and the price will be going up real soon. The launch price currently is a joke for the value it provides. It's push-button software that lets you print money on demand. No more shocking Adwords bills, no more begging for joint ventures, just financial freedom...


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